Staff Appreciation Week 2014

May 5-9 was Teacher and Staff appreciation week!

This year, we asked the parents of our students to write letters of appreciation to the teachers and staff for all their hard work, loyalty and dedication!
Below are the letters written to the teachers! Can you find yours?

We love CC+ because these teachers go above and beyond for our child. they are always welcoming in the morning at drop-off and keep communication open at pick-up. the dedication the teachers have for the children to be successful, stands out from other centers. we could not be happier with the life lessons and education our son receives. We could not have hand picked anyone better. Thank you for all that you do, because you’re more than teachers, you’re an extension of our family! Love, Erin (Miles’ (Diaz) Mom) :)”

“A huge Thank You to all the wonderful, talented, kind and loving teachers at Child Care Plus. We appreciate all you do the whole year through! -The Silva Family “

” We would like to tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for Alex. He has become much more confident and outgoing over the years he has been there. He really likes going there and seeing everyone. Thank you again for all the care and interest you have shown. -The Cutler Family “

” Our daughter Olivia started in the toddler room when she was 18 months old. The transition to “school” was much harder for us as parents than it was on her. She loves going and the teachers have welcomed her with open arms. We couldn’t be happier and are truly grateful for the teachers, owners and staff at Child Care Plus. – Angela and Mario Cidade “

” To Miss Stacey, Miss Robin, Miss Lisa, Miss Kathy, Miss Wendy, and Miss Lisa, 

Thank you! for being such great teachers! Dalton loves coming to school and always talks about how much fun he had, and how his teacher’s are so nice. I can tell he is learning so much just in the few short months he’s been there! 

Keep up the great work! -Dalton Schopac (and his Mom and Dad) “

” I asked my son what he learns from child care/school and he replies: 

  • listening very well
  • use my words
  • play nice
  • talk nice
  • sing songs properly
  • gym class
  • letters and many more

He also said his teachers are the COOLEST and beautiful. So teachers, thank you for your very hard work. My son really loves going to school, even if its just for a short period of time. – Nick M. “

” Stacey, Lisa, Kathy, and Wendy, I wanted to personally thank you all for how well you teach and treat Angelina everyday. I am amazed at how much she has learned since I transferred her to Child Care Plus. She comes home every week singing a new song or telling me about something new she has learned.  Sincerely, Jennifer Souza “

” To all teachers at CC+…Thank you for ALL that you do! I love CC+ You are the BEST! “

” I wanted to say all of you teachers are excellent and I appreciate all of your hard work. Very happy I picked Child Care Plus for my son’s daycare, he loves it here and he never wants to leave!

Thank you, Wesley Ryan “

” The staff at CC+ is incredible! The attention and growth in knowledge of my sons is attributed to the teachers of the program. The lesson plans are well thought-out and always appropriate for my boys to understand the world around them.

They all truly help shape my boys’ lives. they teach manners, caring for others, discipline when needed, life skills and curriculum that is very educational. Thank you to the entire staff!! -Lolita Roberts “

” Thank you for all you do for Miss Laura! You guys are wonderful, keep up the good work! Thank you, Becky Estey “

” Dear Mrs. Stacey, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Wendy, Mrs. Cathy, Mrs. Lisa and Mys. Robin, Thank you for letting us intern, we really appreciate the opportunity. We loved it and had so much fun! – Sarah and Ashley “

” Miss Stacey, Miss Kathy, Miss Wendy, Miss Robin, and Miss Lisa G, I just wanted to thank you all for providing Angelina with such a wonderful, caring and educational experience at preschool. I was blessed to have such wonderful people in my daughter’s life. I can’t believe she is already starting kindergarten! Another millstone has been reached and with the help from all of you. Thank you again for all you have done. Sincerely, Jen Souza.”

” To all of Madeleine’s wonderful teachers- Thank you for a great school year! Madeleine enjoyed it so much and is looking forward to being back for pre-K in the fall. Wishing you all a very relaxing summer! -The Paquette Family” 

” Dear CC+ Staff, Thank you so much for the incredible experience that Harrison had here over the last three months. He has grown and developed so much since starting here. Your staff has been patient, kind and understanding with Harrison, which I know has helped him love “pee-skool” (playschool). You have done so much to help prepare him for preschool, for which we are so grateful. Thank you again for all you have done for Harrison! – The Burns Family”

” To the teachers and staff of CC+: You have really made such a difference in Lucian’s life. It is because of your tireless efforts that he will be so well prepared for kindergarten. I am more grateful than you know for your hard work throughout the year. – Melissa & Lucian”