Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2014-2015

As they always have, our teachers work hard every day to ensure that your children are receiving the quality care and learning experience they deserve! A big thank you to all our teachers and staff!

“Thank you so much for making Kindergarten so special for Sophie and Grace. Your welcoming & caring ways have made them feel so comfortable & really enjoy their time with you. Thanks again! ~ Karyn (Sophie & Grace, too)”

“The staff here are great, best daycare my son as been in. Thank you all so much for all your hard work. It’s nice to know my son is in great hands while I am at work with no worries! Thanks again, Wesley R.”

“I would like to give a sincere thank you to all the teachers who watch over my daughter Angelina. She has been coming to the center for over 2 years now and all of you have made it a wonderful experience for us. We are very grateful for having such caring, wonderful people in our lives. Sincerely, The Souza family.”

“Miss Stacey, Miss Lisa, and Miss Wendy, Lexi has been with you for just about 6 months and we could not have asked for a more positive school experience! Lexi loves going to school, the friends she has made, the “projects” she does, and most of all, her teachers. She talks about you all of the time and even pretends to “be” you when we play school at home! As a parent, watching her grow and develop over these past few months has been amazing, knowing that when we drop her off, we won’t leave her in tears has been a blessing. Thank you for all that you do every day! ~ Anthony & Sarah Mangiarelli”

“Miss Lisa, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the students at Child Care Plus. Maddie has had a fantastic year in your Pre-K class. I appreciate all your help in getting Maddie to come out of her shell in school. We couldn’t be happier with the experience we have had with you, and with Child Care Plus. I know Maddie will miss you all as she moves on to Kindergarten. We look forward to another great experience when Ella is ready for Preschool! THANK YOU! ~The Perrone Family”

“Miss Stacey & Miss Lisa, We appreciate everything you have done to teach and help Molly learn. Everyone is very caring and knowledgeable in helping our child’s weaknesses and her strengths. I am very happy we chose Child Care Plus Learning Center. ~Melanie A. (Molly’s mom)”

“Miss Wendy, Thank you for your patience and understanding with Aidan. Because of your efforts, Aidan now enters school excited and confident- thank you for helping him to feel his way! It is such a great feeling to know Aidan is in the care of such supportive teachers.
“Miss Taylor, Thank you so much for all that you do for Colin. His excitement for school speaks to the care and support you provide him each and every day. His growth and progress are a direct result of the constant guidance you provide him – we can’t thank you enough for that!
“Miss Sam, Thank you for taking such great care of our son, Colin. He has made such incredible progress in your classroom and we cannot thank you enough for that. His comfort in your classroom is because of the environment you provide- full of nurturing and support.  Thank you, Kelly & Sean Waldron.

“I would like to thank every teacher for the time and patience with both my sons. The have grown up in the Child Care Plus family and are both prepared and ready for elementary school. As a parent, I am relieved that the boys are loved and cared for at their preschool. Thank you, Lolita R.”

“Robin, Sam, Taylor, Stacey, Wendy, and Lisa, It is hard to believe next month will mark one year since Liam and Aidan started at CC+. They never once asked to go back to their old daycare and would cheer/clap when we arrived at their “new school.” Both boys have flourished at CC+ and their knowledge astounds me. You were able to break Aidan out of his shell and engage in activities he never would have before. Every week’s theme is exciting and they learn new songs, read new books, and create masterpieces for us to hang up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving our boys as much as we do. ~Meghan & Roby Marshall”

“Child Care Plus Teachers- It is so nice to have your child come home and tell her mom how much she loves school. It is because of you, the teachers, that mu daughter is happy. Thank you for showing Ariana love while also teaching her what she needs to know in Preschool. ~Jodi & Ariana”

“My son was really nervous on his first day. Miss Kathy escorted him into the room and doted on him. She made him feel so special! the second day, Miss Wendy took him under her wing. Before long, CC+ began to feel like family. All of the teachers go out of their way to make each child feel like family. When my son first learned to spell his own name, he was so excited that he kept repeating it over and over! He was so proud! As a parent, I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and education my son has received at CC+. I am so grateful to all the staff for their diligent efforts in helping working parents raise the next generation. My son has certainly benefited! Thank you! ~Melissa B.”

“Miss Stacey, Miss Lisa, Miss Wendy, and all the staff of CCP, Thank you so much for all of your dedication and hard work. Dalton loves coming to school and is always excited to tell me the new things he has learned. I am always amazed at everything he has learned since coming there. I asked Dalton if there was anything he wanted me to write to you and he told me to say “I love you.” Thanks for making his first experience at school a great one! From, the Schopac Family”

“To all the wonderful teachers at Child Care Plus- Thank you for all you do each and every day. Ella loves her school, her classmates, and her teachers. She has grown so much and learned so much while at CC+ and you have helped her in so many ways. We feel so lucky to have you be a part of our lives! Love, the Silva Family”