Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2015-2016

cronin-hero-teacher-appreciation-big-01Teachers are the real superheroes in our world, they educate, care for, and nurture your children daily. Thank you to our teachers here at Child Care Plus for all they do day in and out for our center and its programs, and most importantly, the children.
“I would love to thank all of the teachers at Child Care Plus! Its so hard finding people you want your child to be with 40 hours or more a week, and I couldn’t have picked a better school. Laura has learned so much and by the time she goes to kindergarten, she will be more than ready. I cant thank you guys enough for that! With working full-time, its difficult to find the time and patience to teach your child everything. I appreciate everything you guys do and so does Laura! xoxo Samantha LaQuerre.”

“Dear Child Care Plus Staff; Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication. Olivia loves school and is learning a lot. We are happy to be attending Child Care Plus. Keep up the good work!!! -The Owen Family”

“With loving gratitude, Thank you so much! Infant Room, Thank you very much in all that you do in taking such great care of Ava. You all go above and beyond, and I greatly appreciate it. Ava is turning into such a fun, smart, loving baby, and you all are to thank! πŸ™‚ Love, Ava, Haleigh and Caitlin.”

“to Miss Stacey, Miss Wendy, Miss Lisa, Miss Ryan, Miss Taylor (and any other teachers who help with Brody’s Class!), thank you so much for all of your dedication to all of the students at CC+! I have noticed tremendous improvements in Brody’s skills since he started there this fall. He has learned so much and always has fun at school. It is obvious that you care very much about the students and take the time to work with them on an individual basiss according to their needs. I am so pleased with our experience at CC+. thank you again for all your hard work! From, The Schopac’s”

“Teachers and staff of CC+, Thank you for everything that you do! We are so blessed to have found a loving, caring and educational school for Lexi and Joey! Whether it is responding to all of my emails, extra patience with Joey, and extra love for Lexi- you are always there to care for our children and take care of the parents! πŸ™‚ I hope you all know how truly special you are and how important you have become to our children and us! Thank you! Anthony and Sarah Mangiarelli”

“To all the teachers at CC+, This was my first year utilizing a daycare facility for my children. Nobody wants to leave their kids with anyone for a full day but the staff here has made me feel more and more comfortable. The teachers in the preschool room make Gemma very happy. I see how much fun she has when I pick her up and she tells me about her day and how Miss Stacey rubbed her back for her at nap time. I never wanted to leave my newborn but Miss Robin is the sweetest person I could imagine looking after baby Maverick. Big thanks to Miss Wendy, Miss Lisa, and Miss Taylor too!”

“To all of Connor’s teachers – You have all made a lasting impression in our lives. With your love, care, attention and guidance, Connor is growing in many ways. We cannot thank you enough for all you do and have done over these last two years. We sincerely appreciate you. Love, The Sousa Family- Ryan, Erica, Connor, and Meatball.”

“Thank you for providing such great care to Jakob and Cassandra. the enjoy showing up each morning! – Jen Doyle”

“Kennedy and Declan have been coming to Child Care Plus for many years now and we recommend CC+ to everyone! We love all of the teachers and throughout the years we have been lucky to have all of them! Thank you for keeping my kids in a safe, caring and learning environment! To a Mom and Dad- that is priceless! -The Hayle Family”

“Thank you for everything you all do. Love Miyah” (KinderCare Enrichment Program Student)

“Dear Child Care Plus teachers/faculty, Thank you for your help making Child Care Plus such a positive experience for Leah. With all your patience, creativity and love, Leah has achieved a lot this year. You all have made a great difference in Leah’s life and for that I am extremely grateful and appreciate everything you do. With sincerest appreciation, Carrie Dalton”

“Kyla Bree attends the toddler room twice a week. She wants to come more! She loves coming to school and has learned so much since January. Kyla is very comfortable with Miss Sam and Miss Taylor. They seem very caring and so calm! This is Kyla’s first and only daycare and I am so happy she loves it! We also appreciate Miss Erin for fast responses to emails and questions, etc. Thank you to Miss Lisa who is with Kyla until I pick her up! – The Amarals”

“To all of the Infant Staff- thank you for taking such warm, nurturing care of my precious boy. There is no better feeling of a caretakers love- and James receives endless amounts of your love each week he is in your care. It makes my day a little easier knowing he is with such beautiful people! Thank you, Love, Jessica and James”

“Miss Stacey, Miss Wendy, Miss Lisa and all the teachers and staff at Child Care Plus, Thank you for all you do, Molly has developed and learned so many things in the 2 years she has been going there. She has made friends and enjoys her day’s spent with you all. I am so grateful to have found such a caring place to watch and teach my baby when I have to be at work. Thank you, Mrs. Melanie Andrade”

“Miss Lisa, you are very appreciated because you are a very nice person, very stern with the children, and so nice to talk to when we have questions or issues! You are the best and you deserve thanking! -The Cains”

“To all Child Care Plus Staff, Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the love and patience you deliver to our children! -Audra & Matt Lavoie”

“Miss Samantha, Miss Taylor: thank you for everything you guys do for James. I have noticed that he has learned so much being at daycare. He is more interactive and every time we leave school, he has a smile on his face and cannot wait to go back! You truly are amazing teachers! -James, Steph and Andrew Sullivan”

“Miss Sam, thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher to our little Gracie! She adores you! -Amanda and Jason”

“Miss Sam, We can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts with Colin. The progress he has shown is a true testament to all of your hard work! Your supportive, nurturing ways create such an amazing environment for the kids to grow and learn! Thank you again for taking such great care of our son! – Kelly and Sean Waldron”

“Thank you to the entire staff! πŸ™‚ Lillian and Aidan are always telling their father and I how kind everyone at school is and as a parent, that is such a wonderful reassurance. The teaching staff at Child Care Plus shows so much love for their jobs and the roll they play in our children’s lives. – Stepahie Griffith
“Miss Stacey is my favorite because she is so nice and kind.” – Lillian Griffith
“Miss Stacey is my favorite too because she is kind and very beautiful!” – Aidan Griffith

“Miss Sam and Miss Taylor, Thank you ladies for watching over my little handful each day! You both have been so helpful and patient during Gabriel’s first month in daycare. I think he has adjusted well because you both are so welcoming. It’s a comfort to know he is in good hands. Thank you! – Jen Noriega and family :)”